2021 International Dragon and Lion Dance Virtual Competition

During the pandemic, the Dragon Lion Cultural Sports Association of Canada was still able to send 3 teams of athletes to participate in a virtual competition hosted by the International Dragon & Lion Dance Association, Chinese Dragon & Lion Dance Association and the Shanghai Dragon & Lion Dance Association. Our teams were made up from across Canada, all teams represented Canada with passion and skill.

Many of our teams took home awards including this 3rd place finish for our Northern Lion Team. Represented by the Dragon & Lion Dance Association of BC with the team members from Ken Low Kung Fu and Vancity Lion Dance.

Team of Canada

Canada- Southern Lion 南狮队

Team Leader: Rick SUE
Coach& Athlete: David Lieu


  1. Quang C. Thang
  2. Nancy Ing
  3. Dong Qiang Li
  4. Timothy Alexander Adams
  5. Donald Tan
  6. Shuang Wang
  7. Justin J. Strachan
Canada -Dragon Team 龙队

Team Leader: Chi Wai LEE
Coach: Lat Yip


  1. Charles Chang
  2. Wilfred Tang
  3. Alex Kovalenko
  4. Kenny Yip
  5. Jeremy Yip
  6. Andrew Ganni
  7. Freddy Tran
  8. Jonathan Cao
  9. Johnny (Zhi Jie) Wang
  10. Diana Tsui
  11. Amira Chen
  12. Winson Lin
Canada – Northern Lion 北狮队

Team Leader: Ken Low
Coach: Josh Pratt


  1. Alex Le
  2. Eric Hao Kiet Luong
  3. Jacky JiaHao Shen
  4. Tom Ignacio
  5. Danny Phu Nguyen Thai
  6. Quang Nguyen
  7. Jonathan Foh
  8. Kayla Tran