A full Certification pathway for Dragon and Lion Dance.

The first of its kind in North America, now open for registration.

Using the National Coaching Certification Program offered by Sport Canada to insure safe, knowledgeable coaching in all sports across Canada as our base; we are able to offer the highest quality to Coaches, Judges and Athletes.

Dragon and Lion Sport modules are based on the International standards and rules as set out by IDLDF and are aimed at insuring our participants understand the rules, regulations and how to coach for them for whichever level they have qualified at.


Insuring all certified coaches have a foundational understanding of the rules and standards, as well as coaching theory.


Technical competency and a critical eye. Certifying judges allows for the best competitive spirit and fair play for all.

Registration is now Open for Level 1 and 2 registrants!

Begin your Certifications!

As an entirely new program, everyone is currently starting with Level 1 certifications. This entails general rules and competition regulations as well as some entry level courses from Sport Canada.

This is designed to make sure we are insuring the safety of our athletes, as well as on-boarding all dragon and lion dancers to the same understanding of the rule set. Following these rules will bring everyone to the international competition level and includes Traditional competition standards (level 2), racing and obstacle events (level 4) and Jongs (level 4 &5).